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Payment reminder

In your personal account, you have the option to subscribe to the "Notification" service.

  • SMS reminders (cost 1 UAH per delivered message)
  • Payment reminder call (robotic call; free service for all subscribers)

In the settings, you can choose how many days before disconnection the reminder will be sent to you. If the Internet disconnection is critical for you, we recommend enabling both reminder methods - SMS and an automatic call from our system. For example, an SMS reminder 3 days before disconnection and a call 1 day before disconnection.

This service is especially relevant for subscribers who pay in advance for an extended period (for example, subscribers often pay for the Internet for the entire year). Accordingly, it's easy to forget about the need to make the next payment, and the Internet is unexpectedly turned off.

For monthly paying subscribers, this service is also relevant because if the payment has already been made, the reminder will not be sent.