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Safe Internet

The Internet has become a natural component of the lives of children and modern youth.

The information space is diverse and rich, but not all information on the Internet is useful and safe.

That's why we have launched a new service called "Safe Internet." It is completely free for all our subscribers!

To activate this service, you need to go to your personal account, select the "Safe Internet" section, and choose one of the traffic filtering options:

  • Do not filter (this service is disabled, and any filtering will not take place).
  • Protected mode (block phishing sites, viruses, etc.).
  • Family mode (block phishing sites, viruses, and adult content).


After choosing the desired filtering mode, changes take effect within 3 hours.

We cannot guarantee complete blocking of unwanted sites, but the effectiveness currently exceeds 95%.

Our engineers are constantly working to improve this service and enhance the algorithms for searching and blocking unsafe content.

* After activating this feature, we recommend checking the settings and selecting "Always ask for login/password when entering the personal account."