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Provider "Kopiyka" is a member of UIA

At the 26th Congress of the Internet Association of Ukraine (held on 19.04.2019), our company was accepted as a full member of the association!


The Internet Association of Ukraine (InAU) was created in November 2000 with the aim of consolidating the efforts of all stakeholders in the development of the Internet in Ukraine. InAU's daily activities involve the practical implementation of projects that contribute to the development of the Ukrainian segment of the global Internet network. InAU pays special attention to protecting the legitimate interests of its members by providing them with consultancy and legal support and facilitating dialogue with government bodies. In close coordination with the committees of the Verkhovna Rada and other Ukrainian and international public organizations, InAU continuously conducts expert-analytical work on the analysis, development, and adjustment of Ukraine's legislative and regulatory framework.

The significant influence that InAU exerts today on the development of the Internet in Ukraine is based on the combination of expert-analytical, intellectual, organizational, and technical potentials, as well as the many years of practical experience of the largest Ukrainian Internet service providers, content providers, electronic and traditional media, equipment suppliers, and public organizations that are part of the Association. All those who not only understand that Ukraine's future is impossible without creating an information society within it, which is part of the global information space, but also actively work to achieve this goal.

Official association website: https://inau.ua/