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DDoS attack protection

DoS Attack (from English Denial of Service) is an attack on a computer system with the aim of disrupting it, making it inaccessible to other users, or complicating access to system resources. DoS attacks are mainly carried out either to make a popular website unavailable, harm competitors (for example, a competitor's clients may not be able to access the site to purchase goods, etc.). Another reason is system compromise (in an emergency, the system may disclose critical information).

If the attack is executed simultaneously from a large number of computers, it is called a DDoS Attack (from English Distributed Denial of Service, a distributed denial-of-service attack).

Services for protection against all types of DDoS attacks

  1. Protection against all types of DDoS attacks (SYN Flood, UDP/ICMP Flood, HTTP/HTTPS attacks).
  2. Your web resource can be properly "hidden" (under a protected IP) if you are under attack right NOW.
  3. Traffic filtering using specialized equipment and software methods.
  4. Individual firewall settings for your IP.
  5. Our equipment and bandwidth allow organizing protection against attacks of up to several tens of gigabits per second.
  6. Individual approach to each client.
  7. Your site (server) can be located remotely (no need to move equipment or software). The protection system can be installed without moving equipment. In this case, all traffic will be accepted, filtered, and sent back to your dedicated server or hosting. You will receive only clean, filtered traffic.

How much time does it take to implement protection against attacks?

The implementation of protection will take a few hours during working hours. We strongly recommend not delaying the implementation of protection for your resources and doing it right now, especially if their operation is critical for you, and an attack, even for a few hours, will lead to financial or reputational losses.

How much does protection from DDoS attacks cost?

The cost is calculated individually, depending on the power of the attack, bandwidth, the type of selected protection, etc. Our specialists will prepare a calculation for you after clarifying all the details. Leave a request on the website or get a consultation by phone on the hotline 067-67-57-710.