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Decentralized communication

Dear friends!

Today's realities are such that military actions can lead to the disconnection of Internet providers from the global network. Therefore, to ensure alternative communication channels, a Canadian project of decentralized communication called dComms has been launched in Ukraine, in which we also participate.

The essence of this project is to use communication tools that will work in a local network, allowing you to stay in touch with friends and family when regular messengers are not functioning.

What this project is, how to use it, and which applications need to be installed can be found on our server https://lviv2.dcomm.net.ua.

In short, there is an opportunity to communicate within the local network within the city without the Internet. You can communicate, for example, in a chat from a web browser https://chat.lviv2.dcomm.net.ua/, joining one of the public groups or by creating your own. You can also install the application on your smartphone and communicate through it (specify the server matrix.lviv2.dcomm.net.ua).

Thanks to the fact that we are connected to the Lviv Internet Exchange Point LVIV-IX, subscribers of providers who are part of it will also be able to access the server lviv2.dcomm.net.ua and will have the opportunity to communicate with each other in case of emergency when their provider does not have access to external channels. Currently, these providers include: Kopiyka, Komitech, Astra, Linkom, Network-Lviv, WENET, Telkom, Eksi.Net.

We recommend installing all the necessary applications and registering in advance.

Short instruction:

How to get started:

  • Create an account
  • Create/join a public room
  • Create a private room and send the link to friends

How it works:

  • All personal and group chats are end-to-end encrypted
  • Users create private rooms and exchange their IDs
  • The network is localized in Lviv, and no one from outside can use it

Share with friends and family, create PRIVATE rooms for message exchange.

We strive to do everything so that you are always in touch.

Together to victory!