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Video surveillance

Video surveillance is becoming increasingly popular and is used for offices, industrial facilities, as well as suburban houses and apartments, entrances in multi-storey buildings (especially where an HOA is established).

It has a significant advantage - it allows preventing and stopping violations before they occur. IP surveillance cameras will enable monitoring and analyzing the behavior of employees, visitors, etc.

Optionally, the resolution (quality) can be much higher, and we also install robotic cameras with optical zoom up to 32x!

The configuration of the video surveillance system primarily depends on its future tasks. It may include:

  • Video cameras - various types and quantity;
  • Signal processing devices - multiplexers, quad processors;
  • Recording devices - video capture cards, video recorders, video recorders, servers;
  • Display devices for recording - TVs, computer monitors, laptops, tablets, smartphones;
  • Cable or Wi-Fi network.

Depending on the type of signal transmission, video surveillance cameras are divided into:

  • Analog video surveillance systems;
  • Digital video surveillance systems;
  • Combined or hybrid video surveillance systems;
  • IP video surveillance systems (the most modern).

We install and maintain only IP cameras (the most modern and best type).

To order a video surveillance system and for consultations, call us or write to us.

We will come to your location for free and calculate the cost of the video surveillance system.

After installing the video surveillance system, you need to install and configure applications on your computer/phone to view video from the cameras (online and recorded). Instructions on how to do it yourself can be found at https://kopiyka.org/setting_surveillance.

If needed, our specialists will set up everything and provide detailed instructions on using these applications.