УВАГА! В нашій мережі загальна аварія! Час відновлення до 1 год. Просимо вибачення за незручності

Charge details

1) The subscription fee is charged in advance. For example, to use the internet in January, you need to pay the subscription fee according to the tariff for January by December 31.

2) If you forget to pay on time, there is an option to postpone the payment for 1 day from your personal account or by calling us (in automatic mode).

3) If you do not plan to use the internet for a certain period (for example, going on vacation), you need to log in to your personal account, click the "suspend services" button, and specify the necessary suspension period. Otherwise, the subscription fee will continue to be charged.

You can also suspend the provision of services by calling us and informing us of the required period.