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Wi-Fi for mass events

Having a quality, free, and high-speed Internet access via Wi-Fi enhances the organization of any mass event. It allows participants and visitors to discuss the event online, share photos, videos, exchange messages on messengers, check-in on social media, and spread information about performances, exhibitions, and more.

Designing and providing modern Wi-Fi for mass events is a new service offered by our company.

We offer Wi-Fi services for:

- Public events with entertainment and/or advertising purposes;

- Conferences and forums;

- Exhibitions, festivals, or concerts;

- Training sessions, seminars, and other similar events;

- Social, sports, and recreational events.

Our company's experts have experience in building Wi-Fi zones both indoors and outdoors, in offices, and shopping centers.

Advantages of Choosing Our Company

- Individual approach;

- Selection and configuration of equipment considering all location specifics and client preferences;

- Quick setup;

- Stable network operation;

- 100% coverage of the entire event area.

To order the temporary Wi-Fi network service for a mass event, simply call us, submit a connection request, or email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why set up a Wi-Fi network when everyone has their mobile 4G internet on their phones?

There are several reasons:

- The mobile connection at the event venue may be overloaded, and mobile internet can work very unstably;

- Not all visitors may have activated a service package with sufficient data;

- If interactive voting or sharing a presentation is needed, visitors would be disappointed if the mobile internet is unreliable.

Why do I need your services if there is already Wi-Fi internet at the location?

Providing our Wi-Fi has several advantages:

- There is no specialist at mass events responsible for the network's operation and maintenance;

- Standard non-professional equipment starts working unstably when connecting more than 20-30 people;

- The existing Wi-Fi coverage may not cover the entire event area;

- There is no network management and protection – one user can completely overload the network, making it unavailable for others.

How much do your services cost?

- The price is determined individually;

- For some events, we provide this service for free.

Do I need to order this service in advance?

Yes, as the setup of this service may take several days.

Can your employee be present at the event to constantly monitor the network's operation?

Yes, for large events, our technical specialist can be present continuously.

Will your Wi-Fi work without a power source?

Power is required for the network to operate. If there is no constant power, a generator (either ours or the customer's) can be used.