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findMe service

We have launched a new service for finding lost items called "findMe".

The "findMe" service is a kind of insurance, a guarantee of return. By protecting your personal belongings (keys, phone, tablet, passport, wallet, bank cards, etc.) today, they will be returned in case of loss.

If you have ever lost keys to your apartment, car, or office, you probably remember the unpleasant situation when you didn't know what to do. Even in the case of lost documents or a mobile phone, there is a chance that the finder can contact you.

If your keys are lost on the street or public transport, there is a small chance that they will be returned to you. However, at a minimum, you will need to spend your personal time and nerves.

If you don't know exactly where your lost keys are, the chance of finding them is minimal.

Moreover, when keys are lost, various criminal scenarios may come to mind. Why subject yourself to unnecessary stress?

Fortunately, to prevent such situations, our "findMe" service exists.

How it works: We provide you with a sticker or keychain; you attach it to the item you want to recover in case of loss. The person who finds it calls our 24/7 hotline (the number is indicated on the keychain). Our operator identifies the owner of the lost item, contacts them, and organizes the return process.

Over 90% of people who find someone else's property will be happy to return it (especially keys or documents that have no material value for third parties). Moreover, for the person who found them, it's enough to call the hotline number indicated on the keychain. Our hotline operates 24/7.

As a result: the item is returned to the owner, and the person who found it receives moral satisfaction from doing a good deed and a reward.

Keychain or sticker can be obtained at our office or from our employees during the connection process.


For our subscribers:

  • Sticker (up to 5 pieces) - free of charge
  • Metal keychain - UAH 100
  • Subscription fee - UAH 0

For other service users:

  • Sticker - UAH 10
  • Metal keychain - UAH 100
  • Subscription fee - UAH 100 per year