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Alternative channel

We are pleased to announce our new alternative channel service through the globally renowned satellite Internet network, Starlink. Thanks to the innovative technologies we have introduced in our network, you can connect to this service for free or for a small fee, meaning you don't have to buy an expensive terminal and pay around $120 per month. This backup channel is especially relevant during the state of war.

To use both channels, we will replace your single-port Optical Network Terminal (ONT) with a multi-port one. This way, through one port, you can continue to receive the Internet from us, and through the other port, you will get the backup channel through Starlink. To switch to it, you can manually switch the cable from one port to another, use two routers, or set up automatic switching if your equipment supports it.

Questions and Answers

Who might be interested in this service?

This service is interesting for all subscribers and companies, as no one is immune from emergency situations, especially during a state of war, and the cost of the service is affordable for everyone. Some may use it as a backup channel, while others may just want to try satellite Internet.

Is the service available to all our subscribers?

The service is available to all subscribers connected to our fiber-optic network using GPON technology. This includes most subscribers, although not all. If you are connected using a different technology, we will switch you to GPON first. For details, contact our hotline.

How much does this service cost?

A one-time fee for replacing a single-port optical terminal with a multi-port one is 400 UAH. The monthly subscription during the state of war and 60 days after the end of the war is free, meaning there is no charge. The future subscription fee will be notified in advance (approximately 29 UAH/month). If your router supports VLANs and you can configure it yourself to receive the backup channel, then the one-time fee is also waived (we will provide all the necessary parameters for configuration).

Can the cost of the service increase in the future?

Yes, it can. As a provider, we have the right to review our prices, but in the event of any changes, we will inform you in advance.

Can corporate subscribers use this service?

Yes. Although the price may be slightly higher for corporate subscribers, contact our hotline for details.

What is the speed of this channel?

The speed will be evenly distributed among all subscribers who have connected to the service, but not lower than 10 Mbps in the incoming and 2 Mbps in the outgoing direction. This is sufficient for using all messengers and browsing websites in the browser without "heavy content."

Can one cancel the service in the future?

Yes, you can cancel the service at any time.

If the service is disconnected, is it necessary to replace the optical terminal again with a single-port one?

Not necessarily. You can continue to use the multi-port terminal. Therefore, if you decide to connect the backup channel through Starlink again in the future, there will be no need to replace the single-port terminal with a multi-port one again.

How is this backup channel ensured?

Our Starlink terminals are located in various parts of Lviv and some settlements around the city, mostly at a distance of no more than 1-3 km from your place of residence or office. A separate communication channel is built from your optical terminal to the Starlink terminals, which does not pass through our main switches, routers, and trunk lines. If there is an emergency situation on the network or a break in the trunk cable, you can switch to the backup channel and stay online.

If the cable is severed directly between your optical terminal and the nearest node where the OLT is located, where you terminate, then in this case, the backup channel will also not work. We are constantly increasing the number of Starlink terminals, which reduces the distance between them and our subscribers, accordingly reducing the probability of the backup channel being inoperative and increasing its reliability.

Can one use only the Starlink channel without using our main Internet?

No, it is not possible. The condition for providing the backup channel is the presence of a connection to our main Internet.

If the account for the main Internet is not replenished, will the Starlink channel also be blocked?

No. The backup channel will only be disconnected after 30 days of inactivity of the main Internet.

Can one connect the backup channel not through Starlink but through another provider?

Yes. If you have a multi-port optical terminal, we can provide a backup channel through many other providers we cooperate with. The cost in this case is calculated separately. Such a channel can be connected within a few hours (please note that this is not 100% backup).

Will this service develop and improve in the future?

Yes. However, everything will depend on its popularity and the number of subscribers using it.

How to order the connection of the service?

To connect the service, you need to go to the personal account, select the "Backup Internet" on the left, and click the "Submit Application" button.

If this button is not available in your account, it means you are not connected via GPON technology, so first contact the hotline to switch you to this technology.

How long does it take to process the service connection request?

In most cases, the connection takes place within 1 working day. In case of a large number of requests, the connection period may increase to several days.